U-M Tech Transfer launches fund to accelerate real world impact

The Tech Transfer IMPACT Fund was created to support the University of Michigan’s leadership in transferring the innovations of today into the opportunities of tomorrow. In the past, U-M tech transfer activities have yielded products such as the inhalable flu vaccine Flumist, the Intralase process for laser vision correction surgery, and more recently, extremely low-power consumption technology for the next generation of electronics.

The University of Michigan has earned a reputation among the top ten of all universities in transferring our technologies to market. We have created an effective process to assess, develop and unleash promising discoveries from across campus, using internal grants and resources from other internal and external partners. But much more needs to be done. Thus, the Impact Fund was created to create additional funds from individual donors and foundations to accelerate our work in bringing the benefits of U-M research to market.

ImpactFundGraphicThe IMPACT fund allows Tech Transfer to:

• Increase and accelerate the development of high-potential research innovations
• Enhance the commercialization success rate of U-M innovations
• Attract more early-stage capital for emerging U-M startup ventures
• Contribute to the growth of the Michigan economy and our national competitiveness

Please contact Ken Nisbet to learn more about how your contribution can ensure that U-M Tech Transfer will not “miss the next big thing”.