Tech Transfer Impact Fund

Inventions from U-M Tech Transfer

Our work is changing lives, businesses, and the world. We need your help to accelerate our work in transferring these innovations out of the university and into the market.


Tech Transfer Impact Fund

The Tech Transfer Impact Fund provides resources to enhance our capabilities and accelerate the impact of the world-changing research discoveries from the University of Michigan.


Specifically, the U-M Tech Transfer Impact Fund:

  • Provides critical resources to improve our assessment and modeling of new discoveries
  • Expands our capabilities to accelerate the development and risk reduction of promising technologies and startup concepts
  • Attracts scarce early-stage venture funds for projects that can become new startup opportunities, by providing matching funds to encourage private investment
  • Supports U-M leadership by expanding our tech transfer capabilities, ensuring we don’t miss “the next big thing.”

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With your support, U-M can maintain its leadership in transferring the innovations of today into the opportunities of tomorrow.