Gap Funds is a term applied to a pool of resources within the University for funding the early commercialization activities of technologies with a strong commercial potential. Gap Funds are intended to provide commercial validation for technologies or projects beyond the point where traditional research funding is available or appropriate.

Projects which are appropriate for gap funding typically have progressed on a commercial path beyond the point where traditional research funding sources are appropriate but have not yet reached the point where they are fully commercially viable. An example would be where feasibility has been demonstrated by an academic prototype but funding is required to develop a commercial grade prototype.

How Much Money is Available?
Potential funding amounts vary from thousands of dollars to several hundred thousand depending on the project and funding sources.

Deadlines for Gap Funding programs occur throughout the year and vary depending on the individual program.

How to Apply
Contact your Innovation Partnerships specialist to discuss the suitability of a particular project for the different Gap Funding opportunities.