General Information

    Getting Started

    Information describing what an invention is, licensing principles, and approaches to commercialization. . . . MORE

    Tech Transfer FAQ

    Find answers to common questions to better understand the process of technology transfer. . . . MORE

    Revenue Distribution Procedure

    Describes the Tech Transfer procedure to determine the distribution methods for license revenues . . . MORE

    Tax Considerations for Redirecting Revenues

    The receipt of licensing revenues has tax implications for recipients, for example income tax obligations and tax issues to consider before redirecting inventor revenues to a U-M unit . . . MORE

    Conflict of Interest (COI) Policies

    As a U-M faculty or staff member you are expected to comply with the university’s COI policies and your unit’s COI/COC policy (see COI Policies) by annually disclosing any outside interests related to your university job responsibilities, and disclosing any changes to outside interest within 30 days. . . . MORE

Digital Discovery Center

    Digital Discovery Process

    Tech Transfer specialists guide inventors through a comprehensive process to structure their initial software-based ideas into well-formed, developed concepts and deliverables. . . . MORE

    Mobile Publishing

    The submission process for all University owned Mobile Apps is handled through U-M Tech Transfer. It is recommended that Tech Transfer be involved as early as possible in the process. . . . MORE

Funding Resources

    Kickstart Funds

    Kickstart is a program run by U-M Medical School’s Fast Forward Medical Innovation to provide early stage funding for proof of concept work for innovative medical technologies . . . MORE

    Tech Transfer Gap Funds

    Tech Transfer gap funds provide resources to advance the market readiness of promising inventions. U-M TechTransfer manages this fund and the investments in market experts, customer discovery activities and more . . . MORE

    Venture Center Funding

    The Venture Center helps you access funding for your venture needs, from University funds to government and private sources of funds, including angel and venture capital . . . MORE

    Translational Research Funds

    Translation research funds are available through several University programs. These funds are typically competitively awarded to researchers to advance the technical readiness of promising discoveries . . . MORE


    M-Cubed stimulates innovative research by distributing seed funding to multi-unit, faculty-led teams . . . MORE