The invention report is an important first step in documenting your idea and for protecting and licensing your invention. With the information you provide, we can evaluate your invention’s commercial potential and our ability to protect the invention through patents or copyrights.

Online Submission

Submit your invention using the online reporting system. The online reporting system will lead you through steps to provide descriptions and information required by Tech Transfer to process and record your discovery. Click here to view a web tutorial on submitting an Invention Report.

Attention UMHS employees: Please use Google Chrome to submit your invention report. Due to limited support for attachments provided by Internet Explorer the UMHS standard version of Internet Explorer cannot be used.

Online Invention Report Form

Electronic PDF Form

You may also submit an Invention Report using the Invention Report Form (PDF). Instructions are included in the form. Email the completed form to U-M Tech Transfer.

If you need assistance with reporting an invention (including software) call the Tech Transfer office at 734.763.0614.