DevelopWe align our concepts to customer requirements and reduce risk to make our innovations more marketable. We protect discoveries to encourage partners to make follow-on investments.



Customer Discovery

Customer feedback is vital to ensure a technology can address a real market need for an identified customer. We undergo a customer discovery process based on a technology or venture model, using the expertise of our licensing, venture and MiR specialists and our industry and venture partners. We have Gap Funds administered by Tech Transfer to hire outside experts to address market fit and market readiness.


Advance Technology

We identify gaps in the technical readiness of an invention, working with you and other experts, and guided by our Customer Discovery process. We are partners with several university programs such as Center for Entrepreneurship, Coulter, and Fast Forward Medical Innovation, to award Translational Research Funds to faculty to advance promising technologies.


Reduce Risk

By understanding market requirements and helping to advance the technology, both technical and market risks are addressed to increase our chances of success.