AssessLinking what an invention is to the benefits it can provide, we create a clear picture of the invention, the market potential, and a model for moving forward.




The Tech Transfer process begins when a discovery emerges from research. We offer support prior to and after a research discovery to facilitate the invention process.


Invention Disclosure

An Invention Disclosure documents your invention with our office. Tech Transfer specialists are available to help assess, model, test, and protect your ideas. Your invention can be reported using our online reporting tool which guides you through quick steps to report important facts about your innovation. A conventional PDF form is also available.


Initial Review

After you submit your Invention Disclosure, a licensing specialist will meet with you to analyze the technology and market potential of your invention. Licensing specialists have years of commercialization experience, enhanced by the assistance of student teams, mentors-in-residence, market experts and research data. The result is an assessment of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead to help model a path to commercial success.


Fellows Report

Under the direction of our licensing staff, a Tech Transfer Fellow compiles an assessment report which includes creating a technology abstract, as well as identifying potentially competing technologies and potential licensees. Since June 2011, Fellows have completed over 1,000 assessments, contributed to patenting decisions, guided licensing outreach directions, and have been received positively by faculty and university business development.


Market Analysis

We will analyze the potential of pursuing licensing to an existing business or startup company to commercialize the technology and will discuss our conclusions with you.

Some analysis can lead to clear-cut decisions on market potential and a set of potential licensees, while others require developing and testing a market model. Given the early stage of many of our technology discoveries, the focused feedback of market experts and potential customers is invaluable. Your contacts may also be invaluable in ultimately licensing your invention. The majority of licenses result from contacts already made by the inventor.


Protection Strategy

We also determine whether patent or copyright protection is possible and appropriate. Guided by our legal team and our patent firm partners, we construct a protection strategy that adds market value to your invention and, when appropriate, make the investment to pursue patent protection.