Serving the University of Michigan community of innovators on all 3 campuses, including U-M Ann Arbor, U-M Dearborn, and U-M Flint, U-M Tech Transfer is responsible for commercializing research discoveries and reports to the U-M Office of Research. We enhance these research discoveries to encourage licensing and broad deployment with existing businesses and newly-formed U-M start-ups. U-M Tech Transfer has earned a reputation for performance among the top 10 of all universities.

We Are Inspired

To redefine how world-class university research can fuel a region and solve the world’s great challenges.

We Believe In


It’s our job to give every U-M technology its very best chance to positively impact the world.


We acknowledge the enormous responsibility we have to our inventors and the technologies entrusted to our care.


Like the scientists we serve, we believe in challenging assumptions, testing new approaches, and deploying innovative solutions.


We believe in the transformative power of research, and we are inspired to create new models for university tech commercialization.


We believe in providing phenomenal inventor-centered customer service.


We understand that it is our duty to provide transparent, proactive, and honest advice.


We believe that we accomplish more by working together, and sharing our individual knowledge.


We know that we do our best work when we harness the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our team members.


It’s our objective to create long-term relationships that serve the University of Michigan community – not just win negotiations.


We are motivated to change lives, positively impact society, and advance our region’s innovation ecosystem.


We enjoy working with one another and we believe in celebrating success.

Benefits of U-M Tech Transfer

  • Results of University research are deployed to improve our quality of life.
  • Commercialization efforts often lead to expanded university research opportunities.
  • Activities lead to valuable educational experiences for students which augment classroom teachings.
  • Technology commercialization creates job opportunities for graduates, and positive economic development for the community, the state and the general public.