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The University of Michigan actively promotes the creation of start-up ventures as a valuable tech transfer option to speed our technology and its benefits to market. U-M Tech Transfer has assisted in the creation of 83 new start-up ventures since 2001, well within the Top 10 of all universities. (See our full portfolio of launched start-up ventures.) To further enhance our capabilities and capacity to create new ventures, U-M Tech Transfer has created the Venture Center. The Venture Center (VC) provides the "front door" into the University for entrepreneurs and venture partners interested in start-up venture opportunities with U-M technology.

What is the Venture Center?

The central hub of the University of Michigan to access technology, expertise, resources and connections to create new start-up ventures based on U-M technology.

What do we do?

The Venture Center's staff of experienced business formation professionals works with U-M inventors, entrepreneurs, market experts and investors to create and develop new high growth venture concepts. With access to talent, gap funding and partnered resources, the VC is generating a pipeline of start-up venture opportunities based on U-M technology.

Who supports the Venture Center?

The Venture Center has continual support from the University of Michigan. The Venture Accelerator dedicates lab and office space adjacent to the VC business services for select U-M start-ups. The Accelerator has widespread funding support. Fundings is provided by the Office of Technology Transfer, the Office of the Vice President for Research, the College of Engineering, the U-M Health System, and the College of Literature, Science & the Arts.

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The MVC contains the following components.

Contact Us!

For further information and to learn how you can connect with one of our venture opportunities contact a member of the Business Formation team or contact the Michigan Venture Center through our main U-M Tech Transfer phone number at 734.763.0614 or

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