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Forming a start-up business (a new business entity) can be an alternative to licensing the intellectual property (IP) to an established business. In some cases, depending on opportunity and industry conditions, a startup is an attractive avenue of commercialization. In other cases, a start-up may be the only way to further develop the technical and commercial opportunity. Regardless, the new start-up must make a compelling case to investors, inventors, business partners and the University that it can attract funding and resources to achieve sustainable success. The University of Michigan actively promotes the use of start-up companies as a valuable tech transfer option to get our technology and its benefits to market. To increase the likelihood of success of these companies, Tech Transfer offers additional support to our startups (see Michigan Venture Services.) Ultimately, the decision to establish a new company to commercialize IP is made jointly between U-M Tech Transfer and the inventors. Find out How Tech Transfer Assists Entrepreneurs.

Michigan Venture Acceleration Center (MVAC)

The Michigan Venture Acceleration Center was created to help speed the formation and success of startups commercializing U-M research. In addition to starting new ventures, MVAC is also set up to help supplement, stimulate, and grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem on U-M's campus and in the greater Ann Arbor area. MCAC contains the following components.

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