Online Invention Report Tutorial

Starting the Process

After logging in (with Kerberos credentials), click on the “Add New Report” button on the welcome page to create a new Invention Report (IR).

Title & Type

On the next page, add a short, descriptive title, and select the type of Intellectual Property (IP). When finished, click on the “Next Step” button.

Adding Innovators

The person filling out the form is automatically listed as an innovator (the PI). To add others, simply click on the “Add Contributor” button.

Clicking “Add Contibutor” brings up the “People Search” dialog box.

Searching for “Smith” lists several individuals in the database. Narrow the search by adding more information, such as the first name.

If multiple entries exist for an individual, select the best entry, according to division and department, for the invention.

Complete the innovator’s contribution percentage and add any additional information.

In some cases, the desired person will not be in the database. In those cases, simply select the “Add New Person” button at the bottom of dialog box. Note that the * denotes required fields.

To change an innovators contribution percentage, or select a different Lead (PI), simply click on the percentage indicator to bring up the appropriate dialog.

Adding Supporting Information

The remaining sections allow you to fill in specific information about the IR. Note that if a question has a “Question Status” of “Incomplete”, that field MUST be filled in. An “Acceptable” status indicates that it is an optional field. In these sections, rather than clicking “Next Step”, you should select “Next Section”.

Attaching Documents

At the end of the process, you can attach items (papers, images, etc) to your Invention Report.

Submitting an Invention Report

At any point, you can “Exit/Save Report” to return later prior to submitting the report. Returning to the Invention Reporting portal will show you any unsubmitted Invention Reports.

Finally, to submit a report, simply click on the “Submit Report” button. Be sure that there are no missing components or the "Submit Report" button will not be available.