Below is a list of select startups that are tenants in the Venture Accelerator utilizing the expertise and full suite of business services of Tech Transfer’s Venture Center.

Arborsense Arborsense



Arborsense is developing a small, vapor monitor to detect underlying physiological symptoms and for environmental monitoring.  Their vision is to explore the graphene sensors, both standalone and in combination with micro-GC, in various platforms for applications in medical, environmental, and automotive industry.

Cartox Cartox


In vitro cardiotoxicity testing platform using mature human stem cell derived cardiomyocytes

CubeWorks CubeWorks


The small form factor, wireless capability, and long lifetime of Cubisens makes it an ideal platform for realizing ubiquitous computing. The first-generation systems are equipped with imaging, motion detection, temperature sensing, and pressure sensing. CubeWorks aims to expand the breadth of applications and position its Cubisens technology as pivotal for realizing the impending Internet of Everything

Elegus Elegus



Elegus is commercializing an aramid-based, ultra-strong battery separator made from high-performance nano-scale fibers. We believe our separator is thin and strong enough to enable lithium-ion batteries to increase energy density without compromising safety

Endectra Endectra


Endectra LLC is commercializing solid-state, real-time radiation detection technology to displace expensive crystal- and gas-based sensors in defense, industrial, and medical applications.


The G-HMRC will provide health risk assessment (HRA) services and products as a multi-channel intelligent communication tool for health management decision support and will continue to advance our offerings through ongoing research and technology developments.

Inmatech Inmatech



Inmatech commercializes high-performance supercapacitors based on novel materials and asymmetric cell design to provide low-cost energy storage solutions for various markets including automotive, grid and military applications

Mekanistic Therapeutics Mekanistic Therapeutics

Mekanistic Therapeutics

Mekanistic Therapeutics designs and discovers anti-cancer agents that inhibit multiple cancer drivers.  Our lead agent, MTX-211 is a potent and selective dual inhibitor of two frequently aberrant cancer drivers. It is effective against a number of cancer types generally resistant to monotherapy alone.

MoxyTech MoxyTech



MoxyTech designs a mobile app to track pain with 3D modeling.  GeoPain, is a clinically proven software solution for tracking, analyzing, and communicating the details lost with existing pain assessment methods. An intuitive interface allows patients to quickly “paint” their pain on a 3D model, while researchers and clinicians aggregate and analyze the data locally or across populations.

MPhasics MPhasics



Nanoparticle fabrication

Omniscent Omniscent



Handheld MEMS-based VOC sensor system capable of detecting 20 VOC gases simultaneously

ONL Therapeutics ONL Therapeutics

ONL Therapeutics


FAS apoptosis inhibitors to protect photoreceptors and preserve patient vision from retinal diseases.  ONL is focused on preventing the death of key retinal cells, including photoreceptors—the root cause of vision loss and the leading cause of blindness.

Opsidio, LLC Opsidio, LLC

Opsidio, LLC


Therapeutic monoclonal antibody for pulmonary fibrosis/asthma/fibrotic lung disease

Phenomics Heatlh Phenomics Heatlh

Phenomics Heatlh


Precision clinical treatment support products and services based on advanced pharmacoepigenomics